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Island of Terror

As Reviewed By: Kimberly Davis


Island of Terror is one of those films that seems to have garnered a cult following. It's a British film, released by Planet Pictures in 1966 and stars, Peter Cushing, Edward Judd and Carole Gray in the main roles.

Island of Terror opens on a small Irish coastal village and shows a small band of Islanders chatting and discussing their remote area and how they seem to be cut off from most of the mainland....this is just a small sample of the problems this island will encounter! Unbeknownst to the Islanders, they have been living on this island with a research team determined to discover a cure for cancer, but during the process of finding a cure, they inadvertently create a new life form....a life form that lives on the bones of both man and beast....

The body of one of the villagers is discovered, his body void of any bone....enter, Peter Cushing as Dr. Brian Stanley, Edward Judd as Dr. David West and Carole Gray as Toni Merrill, a love interest to West. Stanley and West soon discover the horror of what they are facing and with the help of some villagers, they set out to destroy the *Silicates* before they devour everything and anyone in their path....

For pure entertainment, a high *cheese* factor and some truly gruesome sound effects, Island of Terror is a film that every sci-fi/horror fan should see. Cushing, Judd and Gray give wonderful performances and the supporting cast is just as strong. This is one film I'd personally love to see released to DVD.


Film Information:

Island of Terror

Released: 1966

Director: Terence Fisher

Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Eddie Byrne, Sam Kydd, Niall MacGinnis and James Caffrey

Run Time: 89 Minutes


Status: In Print-Video Only