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Tales From the Crypt-1972

As Reviewed By Kimberly Davis

In 1972 Amicus Productions gave horror fans their adaptation of the famous E.C. Comic stories written in the 1950's. Join me as we take a closer look at each of the five tales in this wonderful anthology.


Story One: And All Through the House

Joan Collins stars as a less than perfect wife in a tale of a woman out to kill her husband on Christmas Eve. Once the deed has been done, an announcement on the raido tells of an escapee from a prison for the criminally insane and he's dressed as Father Christmas.....

Story Two: Reflection of Death
Ian Hendry is a man who can't quite accept the fact that....he's dead!

Story Three: Poetic Justice

Peter Cushing in a brilliant performance as Arthur Grimsdyke, an elderly gentleman mouning the loss of his wife and keeping busy with the help of neighborhood children and his dogs....until an evil neighbor sees to his undoing.

Story Four: Wish You Were Here

Richard Greene and Roy Dotrice in a variation of, "The Monkey's Paw". Be very careful what you wish for!

Story Five: Blind Alleys

Nigel Patrick and Patrick Magee star in this tale of an unbending and cruel man and the revenge of the men under his care.

Five tales that are brilliantly written and acted. Freddie Francis was in the director's seat for this film and as always, he keeps the pace of the film moving along nicely. I can't recommend this film enough, it is easily one of the best anthology films I've had the pleasure of seeing and after being out of print for a while, the video is now available, again.

Film Information:

Tales From the Crypt

Released: 1972

Director: Freddie Francis

Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Roy Dotrice, Richard Greene, Ian Hendry, Patrick Magee, Nigel Patrick and Sir Ralph Richardson

Run Time: 92 Minutes


Status: In Print-Video Only